My Concatenate Conf Story

My Concatenate Conf Story

I love meetups and conferences anything that gets me in a room with experienced techies I’m all for it. I love getting to learn more and network and so when the Concatenate Conference came around, I was more than ready for it. The conference ran from October 9th-16th 2019, in Lagos, Nigeria. Here is a timeline with the highlights of each day plus pictures ( because Picture it or it never happened)


October 9th (Workshop Day 1)

I joined the Building Interactive Custom Web Maps with Mapbox workshop taught by Anjana Valik. In the beginning, I wasn’t exactly interested. I was like oh another Google maps, but Anjana’s energy was electrifying. She got everyone into it, and with time I was excited about Mapbox too. You’re probably wondering what makes this different from Google Maps? Its the fact that you have total freedom over your map and its integration is extra easy. This is a link to the workshop material take time out to go through it and tell me how excited Mapbox makes you.

Mapbox workshop

Mapbox workshop

October 10th (Workshop Day 2)

I’ve always always always wanted to try out Vue.js, but laziness had always got the better of me and what better way to get into Vue than to attend a workshop organized by Vue Vixens very own Egwuenu Gift. It was amazing being in a room with so many amazing women. It was fun and interactive, and yes, I met tons of amazing individuals. It was great you better take my word for it. Did I convince you enough? I probably didn’t, follow this link to the workshop material and get your own reason to dive into the fantastic world of Vue.

Vue vixin's

devcareer ladies with Sarah Drasner

October 11th (Conference Day 1)

The first day of the conference saw the likes of :

Sharon Steed(Public speaking took her to 18 countries)- Communication with Empathy,

Ives van Hoorne (founder of CodeSandBox + funny guy) — What he learned Building CodeSandBox,

Adora Nwodo(Microsoft’s slay queen)- Effective debugging

Yoav Weiss (Works on the V8!!!)-User-centric metrics

Obinna Ekwuno (Accessibility police) — Building an Empathic Web For the Next Billion Users

Ursula Okolie -(SASS princess)AsSASSination of CSS

Burke Holland(Azure badass)- Putting your entire development on GitHub with VS Code

Leslie Cohn-Wein(JAMstack enthusiast) — Spreading the Jam: Getting Started with the JAMstack using Gatsby and Netlify Forms

Ada Nduka Oyom(Founder of SCA)-Modern Day Developer Experience(DX)

Mina Markham(Senior Engineer at Slack) — on Art Directions and Design Systems.

Addy Osmani (He works on the V8!!!) — the Cost of Javascript in 2019

Sarah Drasner (Queen of CSS ) -The Future of Web Animation.

A picture with Sarah Drasner

A picture with Prosper Otemuyiwa

October 12th(Conference Day 2)

Tatiana Mac(Insatiable curious cat)- System Of Systems

Simona Cotin (Serverless Enthusiast)-Building Scalable APIs using GraphQL and Serverless

Slim Momoh(Extremely tall with a shoe rack I want to raid)-Building Usable Products.

Amarachi Amaechi( Career change advocate)- Sharing Valuable Knowledge

Akintunde Sultan -( Founder of DevCareer and If he looks at you and calls your name you’d look at him too)- Moving from beginner to Junior Developer

Franziska Hinkelmann(Google’s first daughter)- Speed: JavascriptVs C++ Vs Assembly

Julie Lerman(She has been writing code for more than 30 years! That’s longer than I’ve been alive!!!) -Docker For Dev and Test

Kent C. Dodds (master of Abstraction )-AHA Programming

Jason Lengstorf (If you call Gatsby three times Jason will appear)- Building a Gatsby Portfolio

Chris Sevilleja( Founder of Code a Business

Scott Hanselman-Solving Diabetics with an Open Source Artifical Pancreas

Diabetics die of diabetics so I’m going to die of diabetics the trick is if I control it long enough maybe I could die of old age -Scott Hanselman

Anjana Valik(Her energy >>>>) -Functional Programming

For slides of talks given, pictures, videos, and extra gist visit Concatenate Conference

So was the conference great? It sure was. Did I somehow make you feel bad about missing it? That was the point my dears! Luckily, provision was made for people who couldn’t experience it live. Visit their youtube channel for a videoed coverage of the event

The conference would never have taken place if not for the likes of Christian Nwamba, Sarah Drasner, Egwuenu Gift, Simona Cotin, Prosper Otemuyiwa and the entire team. We love you and thank you for bringing the world to Africa!!

Devcareer crew

A picture with amazing people